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Oct 04, 2020 ยท 5. Gauge the tightness. [6] As you coil your cords around the bracelet, you should keep your bracelet's desired flexibility in mind. The tighter you pull the knots in place, the more rigid it will be. A certain level of rigidity is wanted in bracelets, but flexibility will allow it to hug the shape of your wrist.. Paracord Bracelet Instructions with the cobra Paracord braid. The Paracord Supplies you will need: about 12 feet of 550 paracord, a Paracord buckle. You can get a Plastic or Metal Paracord Buckle, Metal paracord buckles can be uncomfortable to wear because of the weight on small wrists. You will also need these other Paracord tools, scissors, a lighter, and optional a Paracord needle..

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